Permits and Applications

The following is a list of permits, applications and registrations for our Tinicum Township.

***Notice to all Contractors and Plumbers***
Reference: PA ACT 287 PA 1 Call
All Contractors and Plumbers must call PA-1 call before doing any digging, excavation or demolition work. Call 1-800-242-1776

**Residential Contractors Must Provide a Copy of PA License**

Fee Schedule

Alarm System Registration

Building Permit Requirements (if Electrical and/or Plumbing Plans submit 2 additional plans for each)

Building Applications (use this application for Electric, HVAC, Fire Alarm, Low Voltage, Plumbing)

Annual Plumber Registration (January 1st - December 31st)

Annual Contractor Registration (January 1st - December 31st)

Fence Permit Application (if replacing or moving fence contact township)

Demo Application

Certificate of Occupancy Inspection Application

Residential Certificate of Occupancy Inspection List

Sign Permits

Street Opening Application

Sewer Lateral Permit Application

Zoning Hearing Application

Zoning Application for Decks, etc.

Temporary Trailer Application

Grading Application

Plot Plan

Vendor Permit Application

Annual Health Licence Application

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